Dog Society - In The Shade

New York rockers Dog Society were an act that got their start with their debut album "Test Your Own Eyes" then nearly twenty years later they released the follow-up "Emerge" which lead to that follow-up release called "In The Shade".

Three releases to their name, with rock n' roll in their vines, this third releases captures a lot of familiar vibes from other rock, metal, to even industrial acts, like Stabbing Westward, Stone Temple Pilots, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, the list can linger quite a bit. On the album's part several songs that stand out the most would have to be "Heal Me Friend", "Emerge", "Losing Her Again", and "Dear Brother", each partake in their own melodies with catchy undertones that drive the music into a never ending cycle. Each instrument doing its thing while working together to keep the music running on that cycle round up, whereas the vocal chords glide along the top of the flowing music, making it wrap around it as a whole if that makes sense.  The material as mentioned is catchy indeed so that it's like preserving the past, bringing forth the formation era up into the present that keeps the music so alive it sounds like it was made back then even though it's right then and now.

Dog Society have come a long way, now while it may have been long, it's like they never ever left, because "In The Shade" feels as original as you can get.

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