G.R.L. - Self-Titled

G.R.L.'s debut self-titled EP brings forth what was once here before, back in the 90's the Spice Girls along with the rest of the pop mania took force. Now it's crept it's way back into our mists with the likes of Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony, Miley Cyrus, and now these gals are strutting their stuff. But it just so happens that these girls have got something to show for it, "Ugly Heart", "Girls Are Always Right", and "Don't Talk About Love", are the pick of the latter that indicates their attitude and musical adjustment to their catchy up beat style. Their melodies and vocal chords all stay in synch with one another, while keeping the music bouncing along to the groove of the musical tune. These girls have got the edge that the Spice Girls once had, except it's more upbeat and edgy and a tad raw keep these girls fresh with each listen. G.R.L. are surly to be a successor to the previous acts before them, making their mark upon the pop scene inch by inch.

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