My Little Pony Comic Con Exclusive Revealed

Hasbro's My Little Pony line will be making it's return yet again to this year's San Diego Comic Con with a pony exclusive and first exclusive in it's spin off series Equestria Girls! The exclusive in question was the villain from the Power Ponies episode in season 4 that had Medusa look-a-like Mane-iac! The pony version will be sold for $49 while the doll version will be for $29 with a comic book to tie everything together.

The comic exclusive will be 8 pages featuring the Mane-ic traveling to the Equestria Girls world to cause havoc! But that's not all, not only will this 8 page exclusive be available at the con but be included in this year's 2014 Annual edition in a 40 page book that takes the Power Ponies story exploring their universe further.

Check out the photos of the pony figure, doll, and comic all exclusives at this year's Comic Con!

Mane-ic Pony Figure
Mane-ic Equestria Girls Doll
Comic Book

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