Anime Expo's Sailor Moon Day and Convention Festivities

Conventions. If you have never been perhaps you should do so, because young or old there always a ton of fun and excitement! For Los Angeles California whose have been running their take on the anime trend since 1992, while I've partaken in two of the 22 year run, making my return three  years later, things have somewhat changed but with change comes good no?

This year's Anime Expo activities were quite large in quantity in terms of crowd size of 200K in attendance for one, the other was the celebration and return of the one magical Princess who captured all of our hearts many years ago Sailor Moon! Her 20 year run has made a revision with the original 90's anime getting an entire overhaul done with all 200 episodes released totally uncut, with an all new redubbing done by an all new cast! So you get the 90's anime that you grew up with except it's done in a whole another way that will embrace the nostalgia within. Not only will the show get a re-release but the cast of the 90's version and the new version were present in doing an array of meet and greets, photo opportunities, and panel discussions with video screenings in between.  It was a day of awe as the Sailor Guardians were the center stage of appeal for all to behold and witness.

Sailor Moon Cosplayers
Sailor Moon Cosplayers
Sailor Moon and I
Sailor Moon's NEW Dub English Cast and Cosplayers
Other panels, screenings, and meet and greets were held in and around the convention for other various amine's like Sword Art Online, Dragon Ball Z, even a musical panel with music from the My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic show was present with a ton of other booths set up with numerous merchandise from these shows and so many up-and-coming series of shows it's hard to pick just one.

Not only were there the panels, screenings, and merchandise to withstand the massive crowd but various people dressed up as characters from famous shows, comic books, and even video games had its own areas with full range arcades, table top style card games, and console gaming competitions were held for one another to really showcase their gaming abilities. Along with the gaming was the music to go with it, so as said before there was a panel dedicated to such, but a whole room was filled with DJ's bouncing their tunes with other rooms with artists and bands giving it there all.

Either way you looked at it this year's edition of the Anime Expo was one of those that was a higher successor than its previous processors. It drew in quite the crowd who were highly entertained with the displays set-up every which way you looked.

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