Vampires Everywhere! Frontman Calls Out the Haters!

Frontman Michael Vampire of Vampires Everywhere! has broken his silence in regards to this hatred being discussed about some leaked demos flying around the net, he posted on his personal blog the following statement:


This post is in regards to the BS you are reading & listening to on the internet! About 2 years ago before Kiss The Sun Goodbye was even a thought .. I had a “friend” haha if that’s what you call him.. help record early pre pro demos in our old lockout/storage room in N. Hollywood. We were fucking around with different melodies of which I’ve never sang before. We had to get 16 (give or take ) demos done within 3 hours so we could mix them & show the label rough ideas of what we were trying to achieve. So i sang & laid down these tracks as fast as i could singing each one for the first time.. this is called DEMO PRE PRO. This means these aren’t even the pre production demos for the record just an idea CD gathered before we entered real pre production with our real producer Fred for Kiss The Sun Goodbye. The tracks you are hearing online are 1st takes on DEMO PRE PRO, meaning useless material used for melody ideas in the rawest form possible, not to mention possibly manipulated!

Now that being said living in Hollywood Ca could be described as a Rat Race.. people stepping on other people to gain relevance. As you know i am hated.. a Lot ..for many different reasons, some of which i have no idea where they came from. I am different & yes i wear make up, sue me! Anyways my so called friend that helped us record on garage band or whatever he used.. teamed up with my haters in Hollywood & attempted to pass of BS demos as my real voice! Now not to sound condescending but if you believe those were real tracks off our main record your retarded!! Not to mention 70% of our record was Hardcore vocals & songs like “Undead Heart” “Call Out The Dead” “Heart for a HeartLess” “Ashes to Ashes” ” Teenage Dream” to name a few USE NO AUTOTUNE! What do you think ole ass Ronnie Radke came in & sang my tracks? That would be NO! The tracks that have the effect of Autotune were meant to have it! I was heavily into dance/trance type shit & wanted that effect!

Now if your still going to be ignorant and believe everything you hear on the internet ( TMZ ) COME TO A LIVE SHOW! Not just because I would love haters to pay to see me ;] but because I’ll sing right to your face! haha.. Now most people would be bashing the people that tried to pass this off as my real voice ya know my singing voice LOL ..i chose to keep them NAMELESS ..not much of a change for them! OUR UPCOMING RECORD WILL BE USING NO AUTOTUNE OR HARDTUNE FX!! THATS RIGHT.. HATERS BEWARE & THIS NEW RECORD DROPS THIS YEAR BEFORE WARPED TOUR! So this means Haters can kiss my fucking ass! I am here to stay.. I Love my fans, friends, band, management, & label. The only reason I’m even writing this is to clear any misunderstanding with the people that count ..our fans! If you don’t like that take some Autotune spread it on your lips & suck my big dick! ~ MICHAEL VAMPIRE"

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