Bloodsoaked - The Death of Hope

Six years ago Raleigh, North Carolina's Bloodsoaked began and since have not looked back. Two LPs later and a third released last summer "The Death of Hope", this one man act has taken death metal under his wing and exposed it ever so further than when it was presented on "Brutally Butchered" (2007).

On "The Death of Hope" there is no hope or in Peter Hasselbrack's eyes "No God". The song and video for it are indeed old school brutality and bring you back to the 90s death metal era that once was having Obituary, Cannibal Corpse, and Pestilence pop into your head when listening in. Other noticeable tunes that really stand out include "Consume The Flesh", "Wading The Blood Pools", "Obsessed With Hate", and "Lies", have the addictive riffs, outstanding solos, with that constant 90s old school brutality that any old school death metalhead would totally endure.

"Sadistic Deeds... Grotesque Memories" (2009) was what drew me into the eyes of Hasselbrack his ability to outdo all of the other death metallers out there by he himself being a one man act is very impressive…. Very impressive indeed.

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