AstroVamps - Amerikan Gothick

Astrovamps is an American death rock group. It was formed in the early 1990s by Daniel Ian and Eyajo Joseph, other bandmates Toe Knee, and Corwin finish filling out the mastermind creation that is this goth/death rock mayhem. Mayhem being a word used a lot on various types of music in the music industry it suits this act well, since these band has brought out several records "AstroVamps," "Manifesto," "Amerikan Gothick," and "Gods & Monsters," has made them more noticeable giving them the skills to go and perform at the 2005 Wave-Gotik-Treffen Festival [1] in Leipzig, Germany.

Which itself takes great skills and talent alone. "Amerikan Gothick," is AstroVamps first LP, having 19-tracks featuring a live track, as well as exclusive tracks that have appeared on various compilations of notable German fanzines such as Orkus and Zillo. That's not all that "Amerikan Gothick," has to offer through, having been recognized by other compilations already, some tracks off this LP are rather enjoyable, from opener "Sodom Elementary (Monologue)," it creates an eerie essence just slowly building up to bring forth what is soon to be total disaster. Leading up to "Vampire Circus," "Everyday Is Halloween," "Skull Love," and "Paint It Black," these handful of selected tracks alone bring out that creepy tone and creation of music only brought on by the AstroVamps.

The lyrical themes being a more darker set and tone of feeling and emotions drawing you more closer to the music being played throughout from beginning to end. The drums and keyboards create an in depth tone of eerie feelings spreading wide and fast, as the guitars go off creating their own style and then has the music come in together with such style it draws you ever so nearer you drop dead. "Paint It Black," makes the darker sense of this record more realistic, having that darkness and total blackness be more scary and real as you're devoured into the total unknown world you won't know what to do.

AstroVamps "Amerikan Gothick," brings out the total goth rock world which we will never miss.

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