Blood On The Dance Floor - All The Rage

According to Dahvie Vanity he says that "All The Rage" was more of a concept album versus their "Epic" release. The two are very different and while "All The Rage" consisted of new things they've never dealt with before he says that both albums are very unique and exciting albums nevertheless. "All The Rage" explains who Blood On The Dance is whilst "Epic" entitles who they are and they wrote it to make the fans happy hence this album was trying to surpass the ordinary.

Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe are indeed Blood On The Dance Floor and their "All The Rage" album is that all the rage but when you break it down it's built into layers you got your pop rock selection and then darker material that consumes a more techno beat with catchier tones. Like take, "Happy Valentine's Day", it has heavier styling vocals that work quite well but when you get to other songs like "Star Power!", and "Find Your Way", these have different attempts at vocal styles having a rap rhythm that collide with other such songs as "The Untouchables", and "My Gift & My Curse". "Bewitched", presents a mellower rhythm providing a tone that you can easily find yourself dancing too if not singing along with its very dramatic and easy going to say the least.

All in all this release is quite pleasing and highly entertaining and surely a fan pleaser to those who have been there since the start.

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