Deadlock Parts Ways with Vocalist

German modern metallers DEADLOCK and have parted ways with vocalist Johannes Prem. A replacement singer has been recruited and his identity will be revealed soon.

Prem had this to say, "After over 15 years of heavy music and being one of the founding members of DEADLOCK, it is time to start a new chapter in my life.

It was not an easy decision for me to split ways with my longtime friends but as life goes on, everybody has to learn where to set his priorities. Having a great job and a perfect little family, there is simply not enough time to give DEADLOCK the attention and time it deserves.

So it is time to say a big thank you to all the people I met during that time and to all those friends that will always be part of my life. DEADLOCK, to me, always was so much more than just music, it was all about a strong message, a lifestyle and being on the road and party with friends, but times are changing and so I will search for new ways to give my thoughts and emotions a voice.

It was a great time to be on the road with best friends, sharing so many funny moments we will laugh about for the rest of our lifes (Tobi and Gert know what I talk about), having a musical genius that gave my lyrics the base (thanks for that, Sebastian), having a beautiful voice on my side, that became more and more to the DEADLOCK trademark (thanks, Sabine). And thanks to all the people that worked for or with us troughout those years.

All the best to the new DEADLOCK team. I will never forget those years."

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