The Defiled - Grave Times

As the saying goes, "Never judge a book by its cover" well as it turns out this saying can be used in other outlets besides novelization. As such, London quintet The Defiled have taken what they learned from their first EP "1888", and have embraced it, going beyond belief on their debut endorsement “Grave Times”.

It opens with "In the Land of Fools", a 7-minute epic fantasy thrill ride that makes The Haunted Mansion ride look downright foolish. With that said, the music is built on breakdowns, chorus use, guitar leads with riff structure that is mildly tampered with. "Call Of Arms", and "The Resurrectionists", are the leading video singles, that really punch in the musical resemblance, taking what the Muderdolls have done (whom The Defiled toured with) and has infused it with the reality substance that is Motionless In White.

When it comes down to the vocal aspect of this album frontman Stitch Downer is quite talented when it comes to balancing out not just one but two styles of singing technique. His screaming with use of melodic singing abilities really makes this style sense work melodically well. Now the lyrical content they have chosen to use is quite diverse and descriptive to say the least. All of the song's lyrics being dark and emotional really make the songs run together.

It goes without saying that The Defiled puts the horror back in horrifying.

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