News Years Day - The Mechanical Heart

Not much has been said or known about California locals New Years Day. Only known release was their debut album "My Dear" released in 2007 since then the band has been underground for the most part. Dwelling on their array for love of cemeteries, horror movies, and darker atmosphere they have grown accustomed too. As such this new EP "The Mechanical Heart" is indeed darker the music falls between the lines of Aiden meets Paramore.

The EP itself consists of 6-tracks the intro "I Machine" which flows right on through into "Resurrection" consisting of a fun chorus line that goes back and forth between the main vocalist and backing vocalist that stucks you in. Frontwomen Ash Costello is the women behind the vocal tactics performed here because her abilities on "2 in the Chest, 1 in the Head" and "Let's Get Dead" her source of outcome is focused filled with aggressive amounts of energy. Her energenic ways are quite entertaining on her behalf as well.

The EP is done quite well and lives up to the band's earlier works developing an all new source of inability that will surely become stable from now on.

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