MisMatch - The Journey

Alternative Chicago metallers MisMatch are on a journey and believe it or not "The Journey" is indeed the title of their debut EP. The EP is filled with heavy metal infused hard rock that really delivers that powerful punch to the face. The guitars are raw and intense keeping an upbeat tone as each of the songs is played through. The songs that really keep up the pace are “Swollen Eyes", "Tired of Self Blame", "Lipstick", and "Nation". The only downside to this is no screaming attempts are present now whilst these guys are using a hard rock heavy metal inspiration there is no harm in adding a little flare with this heavy duty material. All in all MisMatch's EP is indeed an impressive start but to add a few more additions wouldn't be so bad. In short as they say in one of their songs “Get ready to rock” and I couldn't agree more.

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