The Dragon Slayer - Aftershock

Taking the inspirations of goth, metal, opera, and techno beats, solo artist Rafa Fernandez or The Dragon Slayer has released his debut full-length “Aftershock". The album consists of a handful of songs that really capture the unique sound that he has created. For instance songs like "Atomic Fusion", "Burning Star", "First Impact", and 'The Climb", each individually have their own source of style and beat. When listening in to the music being played you find yourself at a club or some rave partying the night away. His music creates this type of atmosphere all its own. His creative talents at this rate are quite impressive and whilst he did begin playing music at a young age he slowly built his way upward and now that he has reached this level of interest there is no telling what he has in store for his follow-up.

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