Fallstaf - Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed

Montreal, QC metallers Fallstaf have developed a genre they like to call “Brass Metal” with this development they have gone on to release an EP entitled “The Hitman Plays Trombone” in 2009 now two years later they have decided to take their chances at releasing a full-length LP titled “Bastard Sons Of A Pure Breed”.

This LP expands their brand of using an aggressive oversight of heavy metal with influences of thrash and hardcore to ignite a stylish sound unlike any other. As such songs like “The Cost”, “Pull The Knife”, “My Demons” and “Violent As Violence Can Be”, resemble similar styling’s to that of Slipknot meets Hatebreed. You hear this similarity in “The Cost” having the vocals be quite alike to that of Corey Taylor whilst the heaviness of the instrumentals are that of Hatebreed’s structure.

Furthermore Fallstaf use the trombone which is a very unique and creative feature that no other band in the metal genre has attempted to try and since these guys have given it a shot it has fallen easily within their grasp. Fallstaf is unlike any other band around today they have engulfed their own reality and intake as to what they have built and give them enough time they will expand it even further than before.

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