Angelspit - The Ignorance Cartel

Angelspit's ninth album "The Ignorance Cartel", is the latest addition to the Angelspit extensive catalog. Across this assortment of what is 14-tracks comes an array of material that is solid yet catchy. Take for instance opening number "Eat the Children", it has a build up that creates edginess. It’s heavy yet plays out like a lot of industrial types of material does, being very catchy yet upbeat as well. The same goes for a lot of the other tracks that come off this release like "Ammosexual", "Love to Watch", "Don't Say", "Comply or Die", and "Live Fast or Die",  capture just this weird but unique noise of ultra sound that has brutal beasts that could be heard within the walls of all goth club setting. It's industrial techno beats straight out of the 90's cyberpunk scene, with bits and pieces of distortion and mixes that make even the production value sound crisp yet dense. Pretty much the entirety of this release is mid-temp electro punk tracks, that has the fans of Angelspit devouring every inch of it. Each and every one of the tracks can simply be felt with the beats and have you dancing along whether that be in your sit or on the dance floor if you posses one. Otherwise Angelspit’s latest addition is just chalk full of working’s that will make it a piece of work, that will have you leaning in for more to keep you tame yet relaxed as well.

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