Soulfly and Toxic Holocaust Cross Paths to Dominate a Pub of Long Beach

Long Beach, California, a place where my childhood was held quite a bit, as far as visitation goes. Like visiting the city nothing else, so returning to the city as an adult, a few times later on, would be nice times. Experiencing some concerts on and off from 2008 through 2010. It being some time later not til 2020 that I would return to this city. Well no, making a brief comeback in 2019 but that's about it since 2010ish. But anyway, coming back to Long Beach man has this place changed. 2020 would be quite the experience, for it would be one to take in an all new venue called Alex's Bar, a hole in the wall pub, where tonight's show would be 21 and over only! Who would be performing, some punk thrash act known as Toxic Holocaust along with a Brazilian act called only Soulfly!

Arriving to the venue a tad late, due to some minor shopping matters, the sold out yet packed pub was all a riot and rather roaring into the night. So 9:30PM rolled around and Toxic Holocast the thrash punks out of the Oregon state, would slay the stage tonight. Performing an extensive set ranging from a mix of old and new, take for instance tracks like newer works "New World Beyond", with older newer tracks like "Acid Fuzz". The rest of the setlist came with older working's like "War Is Hell", "Wild Dogs", and "Nuke the Cross", among others. Let this set but rather brief but truly brutal. The crowd's reactions were nothing but prasel and approval throughout the room. Lots of yells and shout's came throughout, while the remainder bounced around in the mosh pit, or tried their best to crowd surf to the front of the stage front! All it all it was a thunderous roar of energy that ignited all there.


Headlining this night would be Soufly, fronted by Max Cavalera, the founder and former frontman/guitarist of Sepultura from years back. This spin off project of a band, had formed after his departure from Sepultura. Whilst he may have played some of their works within Soulfly, fans alike still enjoyed whatever came forth. But tonight, the crowd would be wild and free! Literally once Soulfly walked upon the stage, after sound check, that’s when the eruption of the venue went chaotic. Mosh pit was blown a part, with tons of pushing and shoving like no other person could do, with more people wanting some more of that crowd surfing action. Everyone else there simply enjoying the presents of the band, with more singing right along to the each and every single one of the songs! Max was in his prime force, bringing smiles and just loads of fun with his performance as himself on vocals and guitars. His bandmates being there to fill in the rest, but doing just as a superb of a job no doubt. Soulfly would perform a variety of tracks "Eye for an Eye", "No Hope = No Fear", "Rise of the Fallen", "Arise Again", "Dead Behind the Eyes", along with so many others, everybody there simply took it all in it was unbelievable at times.


Overall both acts, did such a splendid job of performing, the crowd did not want it to end whatsoever. While it did come to that, it brought such excitement  in the air, there would be nothing more than that, needing more, wanting more, demanding the angst of the heavy metal domain, that was Soulfly and Toxic Holocaust, dominating Long Beach, California this night at  Alex’s Bar, a pub of a club that all will remember of being a sold out show, with chaos to tarnish them all.


1. Intro
2. Jumpdafuckup
3. Eye for an Eye
4. Fire/Porrada
5. Intro - B.F.W.H.
7. Ritual
8. Dead Behind The Eyes
9. The Summoning
10. Under Rapture
11. Berimbau/Tribe
12. No Hope = No Fear
13. Babylon
14. Frontlines
15. Rizzo
16. Intro - Primitive
17. Rise Of The Fallen
18. The Prophecy

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