Adam Exler – Language Of Love

What better way than honoring your own father, than with a song! That is precisely what singer/songwriter Adam Exler had done for his late stepfather, whom had passed after nearly a 5 year long battle with pancreatic cancer. With that he would take his first single out of this all new project, titling said song "Language Of Love", out of this 11-song project.

It's a little track that is purely sultry and sexy, infused with a dash of Spanish cultured flair. Just lots of catchy tones to it, with rap works featured by J Holla. In short, his styling of this particular project is slightly similar to that of Carlos Santana's styling slightly at least. Thus forth, Adam's style and music choices are very upbeat and rocking in more ways than one. For instance his vocalization is very smooth and rather in-depth with the musical melodies and tone overall. Everything just intertwines with everything else, making it spiral together, into this never ending craft of cunning and captivating music. Like Adam would put it,  "It's a song, you can't get out of your head". That is pretty much how this track works out, and a lot like the other music he has created as well.

In fact, "Language Of Love", not only is a single, but has an accompanying music video to boot. It capturing that same sexy music flair to it. Showcasing Adam finding himself out in a desert landscape, seeing a beautiful female before him, as the scenery changes, to a club setting, unleashing even more craziness. It really just comes together in a way, making it a story that is spicy and unique on so many levels. It just fits so well, that when the track ends, you simply want more of it. It is truly that entertaining.

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