Chip & The Charge Ups' Maleena Discusses New Album and More!

Electrifying power pop hard rockers Chip & The Charge Ups have got a forthcoming sequel of an album out soon titled "FLOW OF THE CURRENT, PART II (-)". The sequel to the previous album dubbed "FLOW OF THE CURRENT, PART I (+)". Bassist Maleena Dominick goes into discussion of this all new release of an album, along with much more since our last conversation just a little bit ago actually....

1. So how far along does the titling series that is "Flow of the Current" plan to go? You have Part's I and II, will there be a third to conclude said series or will it be endless!

Flow of the Current Part I and II will be the only two "Flow of the Currents," but we will have a third, 9-song album we hope to have out later this year.

2. How would you say that Part I and part II differ, compare, and come into equals with one another?

Part I and II both have a very charged up vibe to them. Part I is a bit heavier than Part II, featuring songs like "Front Row" and "The Ol Two Niner," whereas part 2 features more songs played on acoustic guitar like "Punk Rock on Acoustic Guitar" and "By the Tracks."

3. Whose idea was it to mash up Green Day and Poison song's together to recreate its own creation?

It was my dad (Chip)'s idea. He put in so much creative energy to be able to conceptualize the entire video scene by scene into the video that it became.

4. In the accompanying video for that mash up, were the original members of said acts present?

No, the members of Green Day and Poison weren't present, but that would have been a dream come true!

5. "I Hope I never Say That Out Loud", had premiered with a video release, before Valentine's Day, tell me about the song and video's concept?

The video was just a lot of fun to make. The initial idea was presented to have all of us singing and have the hearts come out of our mouths. All the other ideas just came naturally as we were creating the video.

6. That track comes off the "Part I" release, but are there other tracks to become single's and or videos like this one?

There will be a lyric video for "Sunshine, Take Me Away" that will be released before the Part II release.

7. Why go with calling this band Chip & The Charge Ups?

When deciding upon the name of the band, we were caught between Chip & the Charge Ups and Chip & the Check Outs. We got logos designed for both band names, and the ones that were Chip & the Charge Ups were much better, so the name stuck!

8. When describing what you sound like, what would be the obvious answer?

We identify our sound as electrifying east coast power pop. I believe that is the best way to describe our sound. However, we have gotten compared to Green Day a few times!

9. Just what else can we expect to see from you guys for the rest of 2019?

In 2019, we will be releasing "Flow of the Current Part II" and also, hopefully later in the year, another 9-track album. You can surely expect to see us playing more headlining shows at venues like the Smiling Moose. You can also catch us opening up for Nita Strauss on May 22nd at the Hard Rock CafŽ-Pittsburgh. And you can certainly expect to see us at as many Pittsburgh music festivals as possible!

10. Is that your final answer?

That may be my final answer now, but we are constantly getting more shows! To keep updated on when and where we will be playing, you can follow us @thechargeups on Instagram Twitter and Snapchat, Chip & the Charge Ups on YouTube and Facebook, and visit our website We also have a Patreon page, where you can sign up for as little as $1 a month to get exclusive content such as handwritten lyrics, group calls with the band, and much more!

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