Paul Bartolome Releases New EP and Follow-up Sophomore Album Details Posted for Fall Release

Paul Bartolome an up and coming artist went on to release his debut album "Gravity" in 2018. That same year a follow-up EP came forth that late year on December 24th titled "Goodbye To The Quiet Life".

"Goodbye To The Quiet Life" EP OUT NOW!


1. Goodbye To The Quiet Life
2. Girls
3. Cynical Love
4. Money
5. Renegade Stripper
6. Goodbye To The Quiet Life (Live Studio Session)

A follow-up album release titled "Screaming Through The Radio" is expected for 2019 on September 14th 2019! Check out the artwork's and tracklisting's for both releases, EP and sophomore album follow-up below!

"Screaming Through The Radio" sophomore album details;  album features a few great guests including the following -

Jonny Craig (ex Slaves)
Monte Money (Beyond Unbroken and ex Escape The Fate)
Sophy Streater (My Fiance, Also appeared on my last record on the song "Unbreakable" The single that placed #110 in the iTunes charts)
Philip Strand (Normandie)
RIL (a,k,a, Vidal Riley - Pro Boxer, Ksi's Boxing Coach and also rapper)

"Screaming Through The Radio" coming out this fall on September 14, 2019!


1. Heaven (feat. Jonny Craig)
2. A Beautiful Lie
3. Devils In The Details (feat. Monte Money)
4. Roll With The Punches
5. Selfish
6. All The Things You Said (feat. Sophy Streater)
7. Just Another Love Song
8. It's Not Okay
9. Holy Water (feat. RIL)
10. Higher
11. Pray For The World
12. Screaming Through The Radio
13. Run To You (feat. Philip Strand)
14. A New York Feeling
15. Moonlight [Bonus Track]
16. Flashing Lights [Bonus Track]

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