The Red Paintings - The Revolution Is Never Coming

The Red Paintings is an act that has not only taken five years to make an album, let alone a debut album, but has gone as far as featuring a 35-piece orchestra, 22-piece choir, harp players, French horn, Theremin, and more, that is spread across a thirteen track release of pure originality and uniqueness. "The Revolution Is Never Coming" has been having its leading hit singles "Wasps", and "You're Not One of Them" charting across parts of the globe, with their performances not that far off either. As such, The Red Painting's debut album is one of those releases that takes all of the musical instrumentation used creating each song to be not like the other, now don't get me wrong there are acts whose material repeats itself from song to song, these guys don't do that, each song is expressive and differs from one another as the album plays through. Like take the singles for instance, while they chart across the music platforms they stay differ from one another making them that more catching to the ear. Other songs that do just that includes; "Dead Adults", "Walls", "It Is As It Was", "Deleted Romantic", and "Rain". Each one sounding different but sticking to the style structure of the music, where it ends up comparing to one another by sticking together. The instrumentals are played out well enough that it makes this a listening experience to take in, while the lyrical content falls into proper placements, making it round off to creating a never ending cycle of material. The Red Paintings may be another one of those acts that's a breakout performer, but these guys know just the right way to do it, and it's with a release such as this one.

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