After spending the last two years in live development, Arena is pleased to introduce its artist-friendly streaming music service Listen To Own.
The company’s Listen To Own hybrid ownership model expands upon Arena’s advertised premium artist payouts of $0.21 and $0.01 per stream -- figures well above the industry standard rates commercial web broadcasters like Pandora, Spotify, Beats Music, and YouTube are able to pay - by using a unique approach intended to regenerate consumer interest in owning music.
Once a listener plays any participating single song 5 times, Arena gives the listener the MP3 file to download and own while paying the artist $0.85, in addition to the $0.21 for the 5 streams, as if the listener had purchased the song to own directly. By combining traditional download revenue with premium stream payouts, artists are able to earn a potential $1.90 per track per listener - roughly twice what the iTunes download store could pay for the same purchase.
 Essentially, Arena allows listeners to access commercial free playlists from today’s most popular touring, and up-and-coming, acts without a monthly subscription, all while providing a platform for artists to maximize their revenue options.
 "Listen To Own makes it easy to picture what the transition to an economically viable and artist-friendly streaming model looks like while maintaining the historic understanding of what a sellable music 'unit' is in today's marketplace," says Damon Evans, Founder and CEO of Arena. "We can say with a high level of confidence that it no longer matters how many albums an artist has sold. All that matters now is how many listeners that artist can convert into owners."
 Arena is aimed to address and satisfy both the desires of music listeners and the needs of music artists.
 In order for artists to participate, they must request an invite. If accepted, the artist is required to sell merchandise through the platform and pay a one-time setup fee per project, which can be deferred depending on how well the project ranks on criteria such as originality, recording quality, professionalism, musicianship, and marketability.
 Listeners are encouraged to actively participate. In addition to streaming commercial free playlists and downloading music, registered users can submit fan reports on their local music scene, post original video content, and even write music reviews for Arena sales credits, which can be used to redeem merchandise, music, and movies.

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