Operation Downfall - Surgery Needed Stat

It’s a clear, cold, evening as your hurrying down the freeway at maximum speed trying to get to your destination on time. When all of a sudden your destination breaks its course and you are on a one way trip to the blood bank or worse the operation table. The ambulance pulling up besides the wreckage pulling your carcass onto the stretcher as your soon wheeled into the double doors of the hospital wing your life on the end of its last cycle. When you find yourself awake and reality sinks in you’re not only in the hospital but you got yourself on the operation table watching your body being pulled left and right, leading this bloodshed to one solution, this is the end of your life. As you feel your body becoming weaker by the minute this operation has become a Operation Downfall.

Indeed that being the name to suite them best this Los Angeles based metal act has brought the blood from the operation state straight to the floors of the many venues across the Los Angeles County. For instance at last night’s event up in the Valley a handful of metal heads from females to males of all ages, came out to support the local metal acts just eager to be heard. One act dishing out the goods was this local metal act known as White Silence and then of course Operation Downfall who blew up the place during their 30 minute set up getting the crowd running in circles all over the clubhouse. "To Be Forgotten," started the craziness going into a total of 8 tunes that were all upbeat and in your face, especially "Robert Paulsen," and "(FATE)." All in all it was a night of total massacre and blood drenching goodness you surely will not want to miss out on, So be sure to catch Operation Downfall on their remaining dates because blood is limited!

Set List:
To Be Forgotten
New Breath
The Architect
Bred For Control
Out Of Nothing
Myth Of Progress
Robert Paulsen

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