Need A Fix? Interview

1. Introduce yourself; tell me what you do in Need A Fix? and how long the band has been together.

Rudy: Im Rudy, I play lead guitar and do lead vox for NAF? And the we've been a band for about 3 years.
David: I'm David I play bass I been with Need A Fix? since the beginning.
Abe: sup I'm abe I play drums for Need A Fix? umm We started lol idk a while back in like 05 I think? I dont even remember haha Its been a while.

2. Where is the band from and what is the metal scene like there?

Band: Well David and I are from Santa Fe Springs where the metal scene is pretty good , but Abes from Pedro so the scene I feel is better out there. So look out.

3. What are some of your influences and do they take part in any of the albums you've released?

Rudy: Oh man, well as far as soloing goes im heavily into Yngwie Johan Malmsteen, but for the metal theres: As Blood Runs Black, Bring Me The Horizon, Avenged Sevenfold, The Black Dahlia Murder, Children Of Bodom, man it goes on and on and on. lol
David: Rise Against, Symphony X, The Black Dahlia Murder, As Blood Runs Black, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Protest The Hero, The Stokes and alot more.
Abe: umm my main influences on drums are the Rev from Avenged Sevenfold, Blake Richardson from Between the Buried and Me and of course John Bonham from Led Zeppelin also some metal bands like Abrb and The Black Dahlia Murder I got a little bit of everything in our songs with a twist of my own creativity.

4. What are your views on metal music as of right now compared to when it first started out?

Rudy: Well we didnt have breakdowns in the 80s hahaha. and I really love watching kids hardcore dance to breakdowns. so I love it.
Davd: I think the music changed but I never really kept up with how it changed I just listened to it and if I like it then I would just keep listening.
Abe: Now its a lot more unique there are all different types of metal with different influences from everywhere I think its awesome!

5. What made you want to become a musician/was it because of family tradition of just your own thing?

Rudy: Actually I picked up guitar cuz of my cousin Eli I wanted to be in a band. With him and his brother Abe (my drummer) but we just had different taste in music, he's a hell of a guitarist in his genre....but thats what started me and I just kept at it in the metal genre and I am where I am.
David: I decided to play bass after my cousin passed away he was a musician and he enjoyed it so I decided I'll give it a try and now I just love playing and being on stage and everything.
Abe: Well my family was always musically inclined but I've loved it since I was a kid so its a little bit of both.

6. Who writes the lyrics, what are they about? Is there any concept in them? Are the lyrics an important aspect of the band or are they just there to guide the music?

Rudy: Well to me some of my lyrics can get really personal because I write them all, David has written some lyrics to songs we arent finished with yet, but I feel that our lyrics though are a bit generic or arent deep enough for some people still have a good message or statement or story (depending what im writing about) ex: "Stereotype" is about alot of ppls every day lives.... being treated like crap and not being respected for how they dress or stereotypical things like that. "Demise" is just a story about evil lol.
David: Rudy basicaly wrote the lyrics to all 4 of the songs on the Demo I just gave my input on each songs lyrics you no what I dislike what I like what maybe what can be added what I dont feel like dosent belong.
Abe: Rudy writes all the lyrics ummm there is truth in all it but he also writes a lot about his feelings on things and his own views and opinions but we all like snapping thongs ;D and yea the lyrics are very important because it also shows the kind of people we are were not all about dischord and visceration and shit like that typical death metal bullshit lol no offense to death metal or anything.

7. Are there any cool touring/recording experiences or other bizarre stories you would like to share with us?

Rudy: Well, this one time we played a show at the whiskey a go go on nov 9th which Davids BDay, and while we were getting ready abe was taking a shower. David and me and some friends were in my dining room just relaxing waiting for abe to get ready, when he came out he told david "Hey man, did the guys tell you?" David says "What?" and abe replied with "We got you a stripper man! *while running at him naked and wet from the shower*" lol that was classic.
David: To many things happen when your around these guys.
Abe: On Davids birthday before a show I got out of the shower and said from behind a wall "hey david did the guys tell you what we got you for your birthday?" and then I ran out naked saying"we got you a stripper and his names tons of fun!!!" lol good times.

8. Could you give me a top 5 of your favorite albums of all-time and a top 5 of your current favorite records?

Rudy: Metallicas Ride The Lighting, The Beatles White Album, Led Zeps Live album, The Song Remains The Same, System Of A Downs Toxicity, Avenged Sevenfolds Waking The Fallen, as of current....As Blood Runs Black Allegiance, Bring Me The Horizons, Count Your Blessings, Blink-182 Enema Of The State, The Black Dahlias Unhallowed & Nocturnal, Scars On Broadways self titled.
David: As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance, Rise Against - Revolutions Per Minute, Symphony X - The Divine Wings of Tragedy, Protest the Hero - Fortress, The Strokes - Room on Fire.
Abe: All time favorite albums would be Sounding the Seventh Trumpet by Avenged Sevenfold, Led Zeppelin 1 by Zep lol, Animals by Pink Floyd and idk lol anything Beatles and Linkin Parks first album Hybrid Theory I guess haha nowadays youll find me listening to paramore's riot album, Protest The Hero's new forstress album, Bring Me the Horizon's Count Your Blessings, and like Abrb's Allegiance album.

9. Currently all over the news is the out-raging gas prices, what are your thoughts on that issue?

David: IT FUCKING SUCKS!!!! I hate struggling to get gas money to go to practice.
Abe: Compared to back in the day its extremely ridiculous but its our fault for sucking all that fucking shit up and shooting it back as hazardous waste and shit. But we got it easy in spain I heard its like $10.00 a gallon.

10. What are your future plans for Need A Fix?

Rudy: Well, play shows, tour, release a cd and tour some more. hahah. hopefully.
David: Play show's and when people think we reached are limits we'll go beyond that and surprise them with more stuff they never expect.
Abe- Tour the world till I die.

11. What do you think of this year's presidential election? Do you like any of the candidates?

Rudy: Honestly, I havent really looked into any of the candidates because I just dont care lol.
David: I dont keep up to date with that stuff.
Abe: 'm not big on politics but I've heard that palin is a bitch. Haha.

12. Would you ever want to do an all acoustic show, like most bands turn to from time to time.

Rudy: Oh Definetely, I would be more than happy to turn our metal into an acoustic show that would be funny.
David: I wouldint mind but it wouldint be that fun without without are drummer going crazy and everything.
Abe: As long as Rudy isnt singing.... haha j/k but yea I would be down im good on percussion I've played bongos for this jazz band so I would be comfortable and singing is no biggy either.

13. What would you compare your music too, out of the varitey of bands out there.

Rudy: Compare? Well, you could say we are ABRB meets BMTH meets a whole new a whole new world of music a whole new genre I would like to say.
David: I dont no how I would compare are music it has a different sound and feel to it, but at the same time people may be thinking oh ya they sound like every other metal band but some of are songs come out of nowhere and people will be like i never heard something like this.
Abe: A cross between The Black Dahlia, Avenged Sevenfold, Bring Me the Horizon and like.... idk our own creative feel?

14. Describe your music to an elderly church lady.

Rudy: Hahaha well, "Not your kind of music!"
David: hmmm I dont no how I would answer that. You no you will just have to wait till it acually happens and then I'll get back to you on that.
Abe: Good fast paced music with the sound of someone throwing up in the background :D

15. When you look back on when Need A Fix? first started out, what do you think of you guys now?

Rudy: We as musicians have grown a lot. David started out like nothing he picked up a bass the day I pretty much met him, and now hes soloing on demise its amazing. Abe wasnt in need a fix for a while because he couldnt hang and now he's better than I could have wanted.
David: Wow we really got better at first we sucked but now were decent. lol
Abe: Not completely different but more mature and creative.

16. How many bandmate changes have their been with Need A Fix/Are you fianlly satsfied with the line-up right now?

Band: HAHAHAHAHAHA too many. We've changed guitarists 4 times already there was David Martinez, Eddie Hervey, Edgar Contreras, & Jesse Montoya. so, too many. on drums we had Zach Ramirez & then Abe Cervantes then Chris Cortez and now back to Abe. and on vocals we had Jose *forgets last name*, and then Steven Molon. now its just Rudy on lead vox. We Do Want a 2nd guitarist though.

17. When do you think we'll be seeing an LP?

Rudy: Hopefully we'll have it done by next summer, we want to put another demo out during december called "Christmas with Need A Fix?" lol then our LP if we have the money for it. Hahaha.
David: Soon hopefully.
Abe: By December hopefully.

18. Do you have a favorite venue/place you like to perform?

Rudy: Thats easy, Epic in Downey, we pretty much started there and that became our place thanks to David Devis the owner of that place.

19. Where did you come up with the band name/what does it mean?

Band: That was from "Happiness Is A Warm Gun!" off the beatles white album so many first timers will think its drugs/heroin. but to us its about fixing the music era of today and making music better for the listeners "Need A Fix? Fixing Music For People" becuz with rap idk music just isn't the same. but its got three meanings sex, drugs, and rock & fucking roll!

20. Any final words of wisdom, thoughts or comments?

Rudy: To anyone playing guitar, drums, bass, vocals etc It dont matter .... but dont at any point give up cuz its to hard or cuz someone tells you you'll never be good. just suck it up and keep playing and show them you'll be one of the best. Dont ever stop believing in yourself. "Practice Makes Perfect."
David: My final words are we enjoy what we do and its great to be in a band with these to guys there isn't a dull momment there's times you want to kill them but besides that its a great experience playing shows and makeing music people can listen to over and over.
Abe: Look out mother fuckers Need A Fix? is back and better than ever and we dont plan on doing anything BUT get better world here we come! Thank you Natalie for this beautiful interview.

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