San Diego Cholo-Goth kingpins PRAYERS have released their new music video for the single "One 9 One 3" from their new studio album entitled, "Baptism of Thieves".

The stunning monochrome clip, shot in both San Diego and Los Angeles, was directed by PRAYERS vocalist Leafar Seyer and longtime collaborator Gavin Filipiak who edited the piece. The video features Seyer and long-term friend Charlie Qu as his female alter ego, defying macho stereotypes of gang culture. The numeric title of the track relates to Seyer’s former days running with the Sherman Heights Grant Hill Park (Sherman GHP) gang.

Of the video, Leafer Seyer commented: "Identity is a key element in knowing oneself and through it we discover what we like or dislike about ourselves. I literally fought to be who I am and to look the way I do. I still get shit for it too. People are appalled by my long painted nails, they act as if I’m encroaching on their freedom to be closed minded with my nail polish. There’s people who like to fit in because it’s safe and others like me who stand out. But those who walk to the beat of their own drum just like the nail that sticks out they’ll get hammered down and I did."

 Click HERE to watch the official "One 9 One 3" video as premiered at Alternative Press.

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