Haraball Releases New Song "Coyotes" And Announces New Album "Hypno"

Norwegian five-piece hardcore group, Haraball, strike back with a new effort four long years after the release of their second album "Half Tux".

Due for release on April 13th 2018 via Fysisk Format, their third album "Hypno", was recorded and mixed by guitarist Trond Mjøen and mastered by Chris Sansom and features some of Haraball’s strongest and most eclectic material to date.  Whilst the first two albums have been praised by the underground punk press for their blitzing fast and catchy hardcore, the listeners are in for something slightly different this time around as the band have thrown in some different elements into the songwriting.

"It took a lot of time to write "Hypno". We started off writing a follow up to "Half Tux", but got tired of it half-way through and ended up removing everything that sounded like hardcore. The songs are more experimental, longer, noisier and Trond now has a synth," says singer Jon Eivind. "But even without da capos, light tones and harmonized sing-alongs, we still sound ugly and anti-social. We’re always trying to dumb the music down, making it as tribal and hard as possible. This time around, it just took a lot of dumbing."

"Hypno is without a doubt our strongest work, and the thought of having to surpass it is dreadful. These are dangerous tracks and we can’t really recommend them to anyone."

Listen to first single "Coyotes" now playing via New Noise Magazine at this location right HERE.

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