Last Rites Release New “Nemesis” Album

Italy-based thrash-death metal band Last Rites released the new studio album.

As stated by the band: "Nemesis" is about anguish, sorrow, oppression, but also the role that man covers in the universe, the struggle between his own positive and negative impulses, good and evil, light and darkness, seeking for one mental, physical and spiritual state, to the limits of human abilities."

The album has been recorded, mixed and mastered at Blackwave Studio by Fabio Palombi (Nerve, Ritual of Rebirth).

"Nemesis" is now available in digital format on Bandcamp and soon on other digital stores:

1. Paradox of Predestination
2. Architecture of Self-Destruction
3. 26.04.86
4. Ancient Spirit
5. Fallen Brother - Glory to the Brave (outro)
6. Human Extinction
7. Realm of Illusions
8. Souls' Harvest

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