Hitwood - DETRITI

In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the band that is Hitwood, who were found back in September of 2007. They have decided to take a different direction than their previous material, returning to their past material, of what all have loved about their songs of back then. Instead of an instrumental format this time around, it is pure melodic death metal to its finest content.

Instead of releasing an album of sorts, the band went on to write and record for an EP titled "DETRITI", which features a collaboration with not one but two singers, Carlos Timaure, a talented growler whose form of style is a lot like that of M. Akerfeldt. Another singer brought in was lady Eveline Schmidiger who covers a range of growling tactics to resemble the styling to that of Angela Gossow's voice of Arch Enemy fame. But that is not all, after listening to these voices and tone of vocalization you just get a feel of not just them, but of another vocalist as well, such as Johan Hegg of Amon Amarth.

That said, you get a greater ideal of what to expect when listening in to this EP release. The vocals are there, provided by others, whose work is done extremely well, on each of their assorted tracks upon this release, including such as "My Path to Nowhere", "Years of Sadness", as well as "As Far as I Can Remember", really pack in that powerful punch approach. The vocals can be heard loud and proud, whilst the instrumentals are done just as grand, if not more so. In fact, the instrumental work provided throughout this EP is rather catching, very upbeat, has a decent flow going for it, as everything comes in tune with one another, keeping it all rotating to become a well rounded source of work.

In the end, Hitwood's "DETRITI", EP is one solid piece of efforts. It sways away from their past creations, keeping an open mind for future works. These collaborators do their share and part, as Hitwood chimes in, doing theirs as well. It just works from all points coming forth, that make this, one of those melodic death metal pieces, you cannot resist.

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