A Higher Demise - To Death or Victory

Where to begin when an act like A Higher Demise. They released a number of singles and videos off their two releases, debut EP "The Doctor Will See You Now" in 2014, with the follow-up EP "To Death or Victory" in 2017.

Their latest and newest EP "To Death or Victory" containing not just a single turned video for the track "Entropy", but some saddening news to accompanying it as a whole. This EP goes with saying the announcement of the departure of their vocalist simply named Charlie. He has been with A Higher Demise since forming sometime ago. To hear and see him between then and this release is something else. Hearing him develop and improve over the debut EP that was "The Doctor Will See You Now" (2014) onto "To Death or Victory" (2017) is truly something unreal or balanced.

It is like a whole another reality of existence. His abilities as a vocalist taking a hold of that role is something made for him. Seeing him go and this being his last release with the group, is saddening but in a good way. This is his final notes of music, he can express to his fullest content, which he does on the variety of tracks offered here. For instance on the single off this EP, "Entropy", his skills are put front and center, with bassist/vocalist Rachael, being close second, with her clean vocals and brief scream tactics, doing quite a well done job.

 Aside from this single based track, a lot of the others do offer a solid piece of work from Charlie and Rachel on vocal duties. Like take "Tear It Down", "The End Of Us", and "In The First Place", are some of the more well polished works in terms of vocalization. Instrumentally done by the guitars, bass, and drums, is top notch quality hands down. There are tempos, solos, riffs, break downs and beat downs, that just makes it intense yet enjoyable to the ear. Keeping your head bobbing right along, if not straight on headbanging to the never ending beats playing off one another.

When it comes down it, "To Death or Victory", was a well rounded piece of art really. Leaving Charlie to go off on a high note so to speak. This act being quite under rated that needs to change quick. Their style overall brings to mind such acts as Eyes Set To Kill, The Nearly Deads, and Artwork. Be sure to check out A Higher Demise with this release or their previous one, they will become iconic soon enough.

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