MAXXXWELL CARLISLE Signs with Germany's Killer Metal Records

MAXXXWELL CARLISLE (Solo artist, HELLION guitarist) has signed with Germany's Killer Metal Records for the European release of his upcoming solo CD, "Visions of Speed and Thunder".

The full-length album, which is the follow-up to Maxxxwell's well received 2013 "Full Metal Thunder" EP, features key tracks from each of Carlisle’s previous releases, fully remixed and remastered, plus several brand new bonus tracks (US version only).

The album features guest vocal performances by Fang VonWrathenstein (LORDS OF THE TRIDENT), Frank Casciato (SHADES OF CRIMSON, JUST LIKE PRIEST); in addition to mainstay vocalists Michael Yancy and Caro Lion.

Other guest performances include guitarist Michael Angelo Batio (Solo artist, NITRO), Nita Strauss (ALICE COOPER, FEMME FATALE, THE IRON MAIDENS) and electric cellist Tina Guo.

Release dates are set for February 13th in Europe and February 20th for all other territories.

In addition to the new album, Maxxxwell has also announced the upcoming release of his "Maxxxwell Carlisle's Ultimate Mohawk" instructional video, a step-by-step guide to how he styles his hair.

Regarding the video, Carlisle says, "people are constantly asking me about it and there has been a huge positive response from I say, give the people what they want. Mohawks. "

The video will be available February 1st on DVD and as a download.

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