Inharmonic - Flesh Inferno

Inharmonic's demo "Ugly" (2011) showcased what these guys were capable of doing, now that some time has passed, they have really proven this by releasing their debut EP "Flesh Inferno". Using only 5-tracks you are taken across the death metal genre like never before, having an old school feel with a modern twist, Inharmonic express the genre with ease. Their instrumentals are fast and intense, really driving the music in all sorts of directions, while the vocals enhance that intensity. Like for instance on tracks like "Pigwaste", "Bodies Hung Beheaded", and "Worm Sanctum", you can hear the fast paced momentum within, except it sounds a whole lot fuller and forced, making it more enjoyable if you will. Inharmonic's debut is one to admire and recognize because it brings to life the death metal genre, throwing in other acts that resemble these guys so well like Cattle Decapitation, Deicide, and Obituary.

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