Requiem - The Unexplainable Truth

Departing from I Am Ghost since their disbandment in 2010, frontman Steven Juliano kept continuing his love for music with the creation of a new act he then called Requiem for the Dead in 2012, leading to a few releases including the band's debut album "Always and Forever" (2011) and follow-up EP "Memories" (2013) with things interchanging in-between, line-up changes, label reveals, and even a name change going from Requiem for the Dead to just Requiem.

Now that a new namesake, solid line-up, label to call home, with everything else in its proper place nothing else left to do but tour and of course release new music which lead them to release their own debut release under their new namesake called "The Unexplainable Truth". Over a course of 14-tracks some of which have been exposed prior release like "Say Hello to the Devil for Me", the title track "The Unexplainable Truth", and "Sticks and Stones and Her Lovely Bones" that brought the song to life via  live performance cut, showcasing the band's identity and style tactics this time around.

As far as their style tactics and identity to the music, it is the same as it was beforehand dating back to Requiem for the Dead's  releases, except this time it's more intense, heavy duty, raw-in-your-face material, indicating more screams, heavier instrumentals brought on by the guitars and drums, with an edge layered atop of it. If your into what I Am Ghost once was, then  this is it, except like a 2.0 version with similarities ranging from the Fearless Vampire Killers, AFI, Crown The Empire, and Escape The Fate.

"The Unexplainable Truth" was a follow-up and debut release just waiting to happen, now that it has done just that, it's a release that expresses the band as a whole, delivering all there is to offer from just one listen to multiple listens, it's a release that is loud and proud identifying to them and you. 

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