Comikaze Expo's Fourth Year Running Reunites the Ponies

ATTENTION all nerds, geeks, squares, and regular folk, here is another convention that has hit Los Angeles, California! This one being brought to life for the past few years by comic legend Stan Lee! He likes to call it Comikaze Expo! For its fourth year running this convention brought in crowds by the bundle, all gather dressed up as their favorite super hero, heroine, video gamer, anime character, or cartoon character, the real people who loved what they knew came in, filled with the knowledge know how of all that is anime, comics, TV, movies, and more!

Panel discussions spread across the convention taking up some rooms while the main stage events were held in the South Hall, surrounded by rows and rows of booths big and small, with its vendors and artists in tow, selling their items left and right. But the big event was the return yet reunion of the mane 6 cast of Hasbro's hit generation four series My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic! All 4 women took the stage, discussing and answering questions about the characters, cast, and future events in store for this one hit wonder and other projects these gals had in-store for themselves to let everyone know about, all coming soon enough.

A good portion of the crowd viewing this fine event were of course fellow brony's pegasisters, and fans of the show, with other new comers falling into play, witnessing what the buzz was all about, it really drew in the most people for overall panel discussions. As for the other activities these actresses and other actors and guests signed autographs, snapped photos, and spoke with the fans, greeting them and talking with about what they loved and knew to heart, making everyone's time the best time there ever was.

Stan Lee himself took part in some panel discusses and meet and greets with fans, foretelling about future comic books in the works, as well as movies and much more that hyped up the fan bases from all over the convention floor. He brought in a lot of unique memorabilia along, statues, artwork, figures, the works were all displayed, showcasing his raw and creative yet legendary talent!

All in all the Comikaze Expo is one another of those conventions that is there, standing out but yet blending in, with all the other one's in existence, because it may be small in its stature, but will surely follow crowds by the dozens if not even close to millions within just a couple of more years easily. Its loads of fun, exciting, just something to do to keep the creative minds ticking.

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