Master of Death Releases "The Reckoning" Video

Blood On The Dance Floor's Dahvie Vanity as he's known to be called has considered himself dead! It is now the rise of a new name sake he calls Skull Kid. He brings fourth The Adventures Of Skull Kid a side project that turns into something else entirely called the Master Of Death!

For those still unfamiliar with this tale the Master Of Death the Adventures Of Skull Kid is an epic tale about a rouge warrior becoming more than just a man. To devote yourself to a cause. A vigilante who seeks immortality. But This is not your typical album as every song is a chapter to the story.
It's the journey to be a hero. And through the chapters skull kid is tested by the ultimate evil in all of us.

Prepare yourself for the most incredible adventure. As Skull Kid becomes the MASTER OF DEATH and battles the most insane monsters. The songs will haunt you. The story will compel you. And the ending will inspire you. This epic is a new venture as we create a comic to visualize the tale and the music to bring it all to life. He Invites you if you dare to a new destiny about life, death, and beyond!

Several singles have been released including "Ultima", "All Hallows Eve", "Good as Dead", "Exorcise My Demons", and "The Reckoning" all available via iTunes HERE,

Check out the video for the song "The Reckoning" HERE.

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