Winx Club's "The Mystery of the Abyss" Third Feature Film Reveals Teaser Trailer

The third film in the Winx Club series will debut in Italy this fall in September! This film will fall between the lines of season 5 and season 6 in the series. This time the Winx Club are back in the Infinite Ocean's depths! Thanks to their new ally Politea the Trix the Winx's long time rivals, are teaming together with Politea to free from his prison cell Tritannus, swapping his life with Bloom's lover Prince Sky!

Their evil plan is to conquer the Magical Dimension getting ever so close to their success that this time they shall succeed once and for all! But to the save the Prince, Bloom must count on her friend's like never before, her and the Winx and the small Selkie will go together to defeat Tritannus, the Trix and Politea for good!

But can they do it? What will happen if they fail to save and restore the balance to the Infinite Ocean and Sky's life? Magic, transformations, and an ancient magical mystery will unfold with the Winx as they are more united than ever in this all new adventure! Do not miss out on the adventures, the curosity, and the exclusive content that is the Winx Club!

Check out the teaser trailer HERE.

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