New Independent Record Label Seeks Funding to Go Nationwide!

NY based Independent Record Company that puts out all styles of music.All Production from Beginning to End...if it has Heart and Soul, we're all over it!

Forever Autumn Records is a New York based Independent Record Company that puts all the styles of music out there for everyone to hear. This label started out as a DIY (Do It Yourself) principle not waiting around to be noticed and just taking command of one's own destiny. As well as helping other artists in their time of need. Unfortunately, right now the music industry is riddled with loses in revenue & quality due to the changing times & the economy. We feel that those who band together gain strength in order to assure that we can all continue to do what we love. This is not the time for "whats in it for ME" people, that attitude is passe.

Right now this record company has a campaign going on and needs help with funding if you can donate anything it would be much appreicated check out the video and funding info HERE.

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