Divot - The Shape The Mold

Three piece rock act Divot has released a new EP they like to call "The Shape The Mold" featuring the hit single "Downer". These guys take influence from Tool, Deftones, and Linkin Park combining their own melodic vocals, heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting drum grooves that just brings everything together. On this release the hit single "Downer" along with other songs "One Up", and "Stay" really as the title says shapes the mold of sound and the style that these guys are pushing for here.  It's really hard hitting aggression with smooth hitting melodies that captures that essence of the music, the lyrics and instrumentals really pick at each other, making it work and work well enough that it sticks from beginning to end. Divot is an act that can handle a sense of style and work at it, pushing it to the limits of success and that is what has been done upon "The Shape The Mold". 

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