Mongrel Set to Releases New EP and Single

The female-fronted hard rock band Mongrel has inked a deal with independent record label Unable Records, based in southern New Jersey, for the release of Mongrel’s “Evolution” EP in June.

For Mongrel, noted as the hardest working band in Boston by Metal Edge Magazine, this signing represents the next logical step on their path forward.  Since the addition of lead singer Jessica Sierra, Mongrel has been an unstoppable force, taking the bars and hard rock venues of the eastern U.S. by storm.  Show after show, release after release, Mongrel has consistently proven that they are among the best bands active in the scene today.  Dan Nelson, formerly of Anthrax, has said, “Mongrel is more than punk, more than metal, they tread the line somewhere in between; a rare musical hybrid that brings the listener into their dangerous and heavy world, then keeps them there with beautiful and unapologetic force”.

A professional and dedicated band that has already put out amazing records to wide critical acclaim, Mongrel and Unable Records are poised to raise the bar yet again with the June release of the five-song EP entitled “Evolution”.  Aptly named, this latest effort by Mongrel was recorded by Jim Foster (POD, Nullset, Sully Erna) and mixed by Dave Fortman (Slipknot, Evanescence, Godsmack).  Famed engineer Howie Weinberg, who has worked with bands like Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pantera, mastered “Evolution”, bringing huge production value to the outstanding song writing and musicianship that has made Mongrel fan-favorites everywhere they go.

The partnership between Mongrel and Unable Records is a natural fit.  Voted the Best Punk Band of 2014 by Pulse Magazine, Mongrel will be right at home on the Unable Records roster.  Previous projects by these punk rock specialists include releases from The Bastard Suns, No Fuego, Murder Majesty, and Ransom Price.

“Evolution” will be available exclusively through iTunes beginning May 20th, and will be released through all major online retailers and streaming services on June 3rd.  Physical copies will be available in select U.S. stores as well as through Unable Records, Amazon, and Mongrel directly.  Radio promotional support for “Evolution” will be provided by SP Unlimited, with general promotion and public relations provided by Unable Records.  “This band will bring a smile to your face and have your first pumping from beginning to end.  They don’t make records like this anymore”  -  Pivotal Rage Webzine.  Let the fist pumping begin.

Check out the single for snakes HERE.

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