Triptykon - Melana Chasmata

Mainman Tom Gabriel formerly of Celtic Frost decided to continue his career with making music and established Triptykon. Since its formation their second full-length album "Melana Chasmata" is upon them and this release takes their musical approach down an interesting route.

A nightmarish journey some could call it, really opens up on this album with such songs as the opener and follower "Tree Of Suffocating Souls", and "Boleskine House" both pulsing out some really dark and eerie beats and vocal chords that really sets the scene for this eerily presents. The guitar and drum work is done quite well  so well in fact it keeps a stable tone throughout the album with other noted songs like "Breathing", "Demon Pack", and "In The Sleep Of Death", all of which consists of black metal crossed with doom metal meets extreme metal with some thrash metal in between, really makes a combination here, making this band and this release rather unique on a number of levels.

Triptykon has made an album that is really out there and stunning that it's heavy yet soothing if not even beautiful at times, making this release one that for a listener that has not heard these guys before, makes you rather enjoy it at any way you hear it.

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