Blitzkid Comes to an End in 2012

Horror punks Blitzkid who has been around for nearly 16 years tour relentlessly, releasing albums, making fans, building a solid calling card to call their own have posted the following message about this year 2012, being the year that they will come to an end.

"After nearly 16 years filled with the best moments anyone could ever hope to have bestowed upon their lives, and with deepest gratitude to our loyal fan base the world over, we have resolutely decided that at the conclusion of this year (2012), Blitzkid's time as a band will come to an end.

There are no words, nor combination thereof, in any language or tongue that could ever come close to expressing the fullness of our sincerity when we say that every single one of you who have allowed us to hold a special place of your lives, hearts, and record collections have been the soul and substance behind anything we have ever accomplished.

What started out as a youthful nebulous desire to express ourselves beyond the confines of our geographical and sociological limitations morphed into a life changing journey that shaped the foundations of our current adult lives. It's still unbelievable to us this day how you have allowed us to be woven into the fabric of your hearts. It is with pride that we reside there and it is with hopeful supplication that in these personal places you will continue to keep us long after the rattle of our van quiets.

A season is assigned to us all, and we feel like time has run its course with Blitzkid. Like all that has come before us and all that waits in line behind us there awaits an end to every age. There is no choice in the matter, only in how you meet it. We understand this, and though it causes us a strange satisfied pain with the impending severance, it is the design of things and the eventual due we have owed to our muse.

We will never forget nor forsake the memory of all you who have helped us along the way. We will never be fully able to thank you enough for this bands stability of which you have surely been the master architects of. We loved you, and forever will we love you still. There is a calm depth and perfected joy to our lives that we now move forward into because of you guys, and you guys alone.

Between 10 albums, over 130 songs recorded, 30 some countries toured, around 600 shows played and 400,000 some miles driven, there has been us and you, bridged by one message, one vision and one moment in time that we all sang smiling. Some place, time and feeling that you were all kind enough to understand, grasp and encourage. You will never know how much that meant to us.

We can honesty say we accomplished everything and more that we ever set out to do with Blitzkid. Never in our wildest dreams could we have ever imagined that this band would grow, accomplish, and speak as clearly and as far reaching as it has. There are no regrets over and no disputing the flow of blood we gave. Nor will there ever be a person forgotten who gave us theirs in return.

Undisputedly, we made an impact and fulfilled our destiny as human beings a multitudinous amount. For every one of you who found our band, we found you too, our greater gift in all of this. We are better for having known you. Even the shittier ones of you. :)

Before we drop the curtain on it all we are planning a few final tours for the band in 2012 - North America, Europe, and possibly of a short South American run as well. We will keep you posted on the course of these happenings as they develop. Notwithstanding, we sincerely hope to see, thank and say goodbye to as many of you as possible as we fire up the Blitzkid activity wagon and embark upon this years final crusade. We will also be following through with announcing a winner for the Bat Whispers video contest as soon as the details can be worked out with our record label.

Thank you making the trip very real. Thank you for your love, scorn, smiles and tears as all have cast reflections of accomplished success on our faces. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Argyle Goolsby."

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