Megadeth’s Chris Broderick Foretells his Excitement for 2012!

Megadeth's guitarist/backing vocalist Christopher Broderick or "Chris" has been with the band since 2008 and he says it's been a dream to have set foot into the shoes of the killer guitarists he looked up to growing up. He's also thrilled about the return of the Gigantour, and explains how his holidays went for him and the rest of the guys and how it feels to have thirteen albums under the name that everyone knows as Megadeth!

1. First off, Happy New Year!

Chris: Oh thank you very much Happy New Year to you too.

2. What was it like to perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Halloween?

Chris: I think that’s what was kinda of what it had so much charm was the fact that we did it on Halloween night. We had gotten dressed up each one of us had a different monster character that we played so, I think it was awesome. The funny thing is that I’m use to coming into a show where you’re going over the riffs and your thinking about the songs you’re going to be playing and rehearsing it all mentally and that particular day of the show the whole time spent prior to the actual performance was spent in the makeup room getting the costumes ready so it was quite a experience.

3. Did you all go trick or treating afterwards?

Chris: *Laughs* No, I actually walked Hollywood Blvd which was actually pretty crazy there were people going nuts on that street so it was interesting.

4. What about Christmas and New Years how were those for everybody? Did you get what you wanted for Christmas?

Chris: Well I don’t know well no not necessarily think about what I want for Christmas anymore or anything like that really. I definitely did get some cool things because ya know as you get older you kind of let people surprise you than just telling them “Oh I need this or that”. So I got a cool pair of snowboarding pants and a pair of tickets to see this show when it comes to L.A. in April so that was awesome.

5. Are you ready to be playing shows to kick off this New Year?

Chris: Oh yeah defiantly getting ready for Gigatour.

6. How does it feel to have the Gigantour back in action?

Chris: I think it’s awesome because it’s funny when Gigantour does occur because there are always plans to do it annually and yearly but sometimes different offers or packages come up so it can’t always happen. So it was nice to see it return this year so we’ll just play it by year and hopefully we’ll see more it more often.

7. Megadeth has toured all over the world but is there a spot that they have not toured?

Chris: Yeah well some of the guys may have been there but I’ve never been. Some places like Indonesian, China, and South Africa or anywhere in the continent of Africa would be cool to me.

8. Have you had the chance to tour with the band of your dreams?

Chris: uh well if it’s unfortunate that I wouldn’t ever have that dream come true but there is always hope but me personally I would love to be able to tour with Jason Becker.

9. What's it been like to be playing with Megadeth? Would you say that it's a dream come true?
Chris: Oh yes definitely. To be able to play with Megadeth which is known to have such killer guitarists and getting to be in the shoes of some of the one’s that I grew up listening too is just awesome.

10. "Thirteen" is the third and final album to be released with Roadrunner Records, is the contract going to be renewed or has a new label come into the mix?

Chris: Well I think that all depends on Dave and Roadrunner because I’m sure he’s thinking of what the options are and what will help Megadeth the most and help build the band and help get our music out there and I’m sure that’s being considered and Roadrunner is aware of that.

11. What has not been asked or said about "Thirteen"?

Chris: hmmm that’s a hard one because ya know you get the standard questions but I guess one off the wall question would be “What were you having for dinner when you were recording?” I’d say I had Indian food.

12. What else can we expect from you guys for 2012?

Chris: I think ya know we’re just really looking to go out and bring the music from “Thirteen” and get it out to as many people as possible so just tour, tour, tour because that’s what we plan on doing for most of 2012.

13. Is there anything else you'd like to say or add?

Chris: Just thanks to everyone for your support and the love of making music for them because we have fun doing it and its cool.

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