Nostalghia Announces Patreon, New Music, and More!

Nostalghia has released the following about a new turn of events, of a new world being born.... I have never been willing to compromise our creative vision in an attempt to be accepted into the music business club. And that will never change. But, the music business is unforgiving to those not willing to play ball & it is extremely difficult to survive with your personal artistic identity intact.

We’ve danced with the devil long enough. TODAY I CUT TIES WITH THE CHARADE and hereby begin my pact with you, our fierce supporters. Our allegiance now lies with YOU.

As long as you are willing to directly support our art on Patreon through our monthly subscription, we will continue to create for you untamed, unrestricted, and unfuckwithable. The more you’re able to support, the more we’ll be able to create.

We have uploaded a bunch of new things to get our Patreon page started including TWO BRAND NEW SONGS and a brand new video podcast. And we will be uploading more every week. We will also be hosting live Q&A chats and live streaming mini concerts, & so much much more.

The era of months or years going by between new Nostalghia releases is over forevermore. We will be trickling out new songs every few weeks. And you, as a direct supporter and member of our lifeblood membership, will get weeks early access to all of our new music and exclusive access to a ton of Patreon only purrrrrks.

Your generous support fuels our rebellion against conformity and Roy & I are eternally grateful for your daring, dangerous, darling spirit. 🌹❤️‍🔥🌹

JOIN OUR REBEL HEARTS MOVEMENT & Become a Patreon member today by clicking HERE and choosing 1 of 6 tiers. Check out the video HERE.

With loving gratitude,


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