Monsterpalooza Gives the Chill with it’s 15th Year Run with Horror Business for All to Enjoy!

Monsterpalooza is in it’s 15th year of running, for those unaware it is a horror based convention, where guests within the horror movie and TV scene come together to meet fans from all over. This year the event took place during the start of the summer time, end of May, early June, May 31st through June 2nd 2024 in Los Angeles, California in the city of Pasadena at it’s convention center. When attending you could attend any of the 3-day weekend, or get a pass to attend the entire event.

Having gotten my ticket for the opening night of May 31st Friday night, the event would kick off at 6PM til 11PM, with various guests like Nick Castle, famous for play Michael Myers from the original 1978 Halloween film, to Doug Bradley who is known as Pinhead from the Hellraiser franchise, down to Kane Hooder best known as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise. Others included new comers like David Howard Thornton of the Terrifier series, as well even Linda Blair of The Exorcist. Among many other guests in attendance, lines formed in and around the venue, with fans eagerly awaiting to meet their favorite guests.


But besides guests aligning the event, there were loads of vendors with numerous items available for purchase, ranging from movie props to posters, tshirts, bags, figures, keychains, cups, make up tutorials, to people dressed up roaming around as their favorite characters. It was quite a sight to see, even experiencing a museum. Which was decked out in numerous statues from various movies music videos, TV shows, and much else, it was breath taking really. Everything that Monsterpalooza had to offer was something else really. It was a fun experience and one that all should check out at least once.

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