Robo Toy Fest Arrives with Guests, Panels, and Toys!


Robo Toy Fest 2024, a spin off convention of the Pasadena Comic Con and Simi Valley Toy and Comic Fest convention had taken place this past weekend at the mid-early June pin point, June 9th 2024. Over in Burbank, California at the Marriott Convention Center, from 9AM to 5PM, gathering various guests, vendors, and fans alike. Minor folk in attendance dressed up, while others adored their favorite comic, TV, or film graphic t-shirt, walking around the floor.

Upon entering, you could have bought your ticket online or at the door, once in, you could roam the entry ways with the vendors surrounding it, or head into the main hall where more vendors had set up, and guests were meeting and greeting with fans, signing autographs, taking photos, chatting, so much to offer. Some of the guests included Mattel Monster High creator Garrett Sander, James Duval of Donnie Darko, Janeshia Adams Ginyard of Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War, to even Keone Young for many famous roles. Many other guests were present as well as some panels, discussing such like the Transformers, which was a lot of fun to witness. 


All in all though, this was a bigger con but in a smaller setting. It did bring the crowd, many making purchases of various items, ranging from toys, to comics, appeal, jewelry, and much more. It is worth checking out when it pops up, indeed so, because Robo Toy Fest is a convention that many can enjoy, and have a lot of fun checking it out at least once!

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