THY WILL BE DONE Unleashes Furious New Track, "Encore Abomination"


The Northeastern dark horse THY WILL BE DONE has dropped another new single, "Encore Abomination", marking their second release in four years. Following the recent bone-crushing "Prelude To Apostasy", which garnered widespread acclaim and even faced controversy with its provocative video flagged by YouTube for age restriction.

"Encore Abomination" harnesses the raw power and intensity that THY WILL BE DONE has been revered for, blending early 90's groove metal influences with a ferocious slam metal-inspired chorus, the track showcases the band's evolution while staying true to their signature sound that fans have come to cherish.

“We all had some things to tend to in our personal lives and were quiet for a bit. We wanted 'Encore Abomination' to hit like a sledgehammer. It's unapologetically furious, heavy, and has a groove that goes for the jugular," says frontman J.Costa. "After the overwhelming response to 'Prelude To Apostasy', we knew we had to deliver something that would not only satisfy but surpass expectations."

THY WILL BE DONE continues to defy conventions with each release, and "Encore Abomination" is set to further solidify their reputation as purveyors of heavy music. With speculation of an upcoming album in the works, anticipation is at an all-time high as the band prepares to unleash their fury to the world once again.

The band will be supporting DEAD TO FALL in Brooklyn, NY in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of their 'Villainy & Virtue' album, and was recently announced as part of the second wave of artists on the 10th annual RPM Fest in Massachusetts along with MISERY INDEX, PRONG, JASTA, BONGZILLA and others.

Check out the new track HERE.

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