The Little Mermaid Musical Splashes Just in Time for the Last Weekend of Fun out of the La Mirada Theatre!



The Little Mermaid, a timeless classic tale done by Disney but originally written by author Hans Christian Andersen, that was published in 1837! Years would follow with various adaptions to the silver screen and animation, including most known being done by Walt Disney Pictures 89 version of The Little Mermaid, with a remake done years later in 2023.

A stage musical would be adapted back in the fall of 2007 playing in Colorado, which would then hit Broadway in November of that same year, it running with previews in 2007, then opening in 2008, closing in 2009. Only having U.S. regional theaters and internationally showcasing subsequent productions of this stage musical over the last several years. Having seen The Little Mermaid Musical out of North Hollywood, California in 2017, at a small theater called the Cupcake Theater, that production was done a much smaller setting, but still a splendid job nonetheless.

It wouldn’t be until several years later come summer of 2024 in late June I would get to see this musical once more, but this time in a much bigger production and venue in La Mirada, California at the La Mirada Theater. This venue having a beautifully seated capacity at 1,250 seats, with this afternoon's show of 2PM being completely sold out! Upon arriving a little after doors had opened at 1PM, the snacks and bar area’s were open for consumption, with other areas having sitting, and a photo booth with The Little Mermaid banner placed where guests could gather and snap photos with their groups of families, friends, etc.


At 2PM the theater doors would open, allowing guests to find their seats in the balcony and down below in the orchestra section. Having gotten balcony seats, the view was speculator, sound was great, stage set-up just as stunning. The way they infused the way the mermaids would “swim” was catchy, with other forms of tactics like lighting, sound effects, and even bubbles would appear here and there in a very fun way. It was all truly breath taking, aw-inspiring, and just magical and mythical in its own accord.

A lot of the familiar numbers were sung like “Part of Your World”, “Kiss the Girl” and “Under the Sea”, with “Poor Unfortunate Souls” of course, as well as some newer numbers like “Human Stuff”, “One Step Closer”, “I Want The Good Times Back”, and “The Contest”, among others. Each of these were sung beautifully, by the cast, with the arrangement of characters changing to this or that one was done really well. The whole cast, crew, and orchestration was top notch quality really.  

Surely this take on The Little Mermaid Musical was worth experiencing and was brought back for a reason, a lot of the shows were sold out, with this last weekend being one, with surely this production likely swimming back again; for another splash out of the water for more to take in and be a part of this world.

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