Irian Darkwood Talks of Insight, Styling and Music!


Rockin metalhead IRIAN DARKWOOD talks with us about music, wanting to play live shows, releasing their first single, with a whole lot more lined up already, with newer music also in the works. So much is talked about and can be found all below!


1. Please tell us the history of your music career

I grew up singing in choirs and I would sing all the time at home, it was really kind of funny when I got ‘caught’ dancing and singing to my music in my room haha. I’ve always wanted to be a singer, just the opportunity for it never presented itself other than choirs and such until I was 19, then I took to the karaoke stage.

That was when I got a taste of how wonderful it was to sing in front of people, and see them enjoying it, and even complimenting me on it. I became a regular karaoke ‘addict’ ha, I just loved singing in front of people, it was so much fun.

I took to practicing at home daily, because I wanted to sound good, even if it was ‘just karaoke’ as they say, I wanted people to enjoy the songs I sang. I started out singing mostly country music actually, and I would post terrible videos of me at karaoke. But, my musician friends started paying attention and one day I was invited to sing with a local blues band, for a song or two, just really small, but that was really the start of me doing more than karaoke, as I had no words in front of me and I had a live band behind me.

A country artist friend also noticed my love for music as I would also attend a lot of the local gigs and support them, promote them online etc. and he invited me to the Canadian Country Music Awards showcases, where I made a tonne of connections and friends.

All this time I was still a regular karaoke singer, and just loving singing for people. One day, in a musician group I run on Facebook, I saw a band ( Pressure) was looking for a singer and I messaged them, but then I got cold feet because I thought I wasn’t good enough, we stayed in contact though, and Njord, who was the founder of the band, and I became friends on Facebook.

After a few months of seeing my videos of karaoke and talking to me online, Njord told me he was actually a manager of music too and asked me if I was interested in signing a contract with his company at Dark Nomad. At first I thought he was nuts for asking because I had very little actual experience in this realm of the music industry, but he insisted he heard real talent, and we talked about it some more, and finally, I signed the contract.

We started working on a lot of songs, and at first I really felt in over my head, but Njord and the others have been so encouraging, even through my ‘temper tantrums’, and it’s been really awesome working with them, and now, we’re seeing the results of all the good work we’ve put into this, with this first release coming out June 21! I’m very excited for the other songs too.

2. What’s the origin of your artist name?

I guess this is where everyone finds out my nerdy side haha. Irian was a name I adopted because I played Dungeons and Dragons, I play an elven mage, so I added Darkwood as my last name because it’s more elven that way.

I took this name as my artist name, because I wanted something unique , and I was pretty sure no one had a Dungeons and Dragons name ha. Darkwood works well I find for the genre of music I sing too, so, yeah, my ‘cool factor’ may have lost a few points with this, but that’s ok haha.

3. Where are you based out of? What is the local music scene like there? Are there any bands you would recommend?

I’m based out of Halifax Nova Scotia Canada, the local music scene is pretty good, there are lots of great bands out there ( in my opinion), although as I’m sure it is everywhere else also in this digital age, it can be difficult to get huge numbers to attend gigs. Honestly I suggest checking any band out you can, but if I were to recommend a couple? I’d say try out Witchitaw if you like country, The Kevin Fletcher Band for blues ( he’s a friend so I thought I should plug for him ha), and Slightly Slanted for some fun rock type music… and of course myself haha.

4. How would you describe your style?

I think I would describe my style as rock/metal. The reason I use both is because it kind of blends together, so you hear both styles in the music. Some can be harder, more metal like, others can be more rock like.

5. What have you released so far and what can someone expect from your works?

So far? Lost Heart is the first song to be released, we have many more lined up in the future though. I would say people can expect a new take on some songs they might already know, plus really cool, emotional, energetic originals.

6. Do you have any new music in the works?

Always, lots to come in the near future!

7. How about playing shows and touring, do you have anything planned out?

Well the goal is to get to playing live shows and touring soon, right now, I have the music for streaming.

8. What plans do you have for the future as an artist?

My plans? To get as much music out there as I can, and, I suppose try to make Irian Darkwood a household name so to say.

9. Where can we listen to you and where can we buy your stuff?






10. What is it you’d like a listener to remember most when listening to your music?

I’d say that I would want them to remember how the music made them feel, maybe what the song brings up in terms of their lives and how it relates to them.

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