Serement Talks of Debut EP, Album, and What's Ahead!

SEREMENT came from the ashes of a previous light, and woul go on to release a debut EP just last year! The band has also been hard at work upon what is their debut album. They even go into talks about their debut EP, album, and futute plans ahead for them below.

1. So the band came to life in mid-2022 out of the ashes of "Blessed by Perversion", who is BBP and how does this band go from that to SEREMENT?

Yes, we had several conversations about the making of this band, same days - last year. BBP was the first band for me (Andreas) and for Manolis that ever played our favorite genre of music, Death Metal. It was for sure a solid experience, recording stuff of your music, playing some gigs around, while growing up with your buddies. But after 11-12 years some personal issues came up between us and, you know, there was no other way, the options were either to stop playing music or to playing in a new project, with less problems this time. So, now more mature than ever [haha] we’re here. 

2. You would go on to release a debut EP “Deviation from God”, tell me about it?

We released “Deviation from God” digitally on November, 2022 and physically in green cassette on February, 2023 via Theogonia Records. This is our first work, a “sample” of what is coming to the next months. We were working many tracks at the same time, still do, we were very excited from the rehearsals, still do [haha], and at a certain point, some months ago we decided to release a part of our work, just for sharing it with people, and tell a big “Hello fuckers, we’re here!”. 

3. How would you say this EP differs and compares to your debut album that is currently in the works?

This EP as I said before is just a sample of our upcoming album. These two tracks will also be included in the album. Now, the album is going to have a better production, more dedicated to the feeling and the sound that we have in mind for our compositions. Also, will be more lyrically wide, you know, we have in mind more subjects to write about. And last but not least, we’re aiming for a more impressive artwork and for releasing our work on more audio formats.

4. Whereabouts are you in that process of the new album?

We’re working many songs at the same time, you know, we’re excited because we have a new drummer that rips, we strongly believe in our material, we do rehearsals once a week after a long time (we used to rehearse once a month, haha) and I think that all this energy will show up to your speakers, eventually! We have about 10 tracks, their structures are almost ready, we think that are enough for the upcoming album, we’re working some details until we enter the recording studio. 

5. Have you decided upon a title and album artwork or concept behind it all?

Not a tittle yet, I think the title must be the final touch of your work, haha. Not a certain concept either, as I said to a previous question, the lyrics of that album will be wide enough, especially for the Death Metal genre. Except from the darkness - blasphemy stuff that expresses us and like to write about, we have some more political and social matters that concerns us. The whole world goes from worse to worst and this is something that certainly affects our music.

6. When can we expect it to arrive to the masses?

I will try to say something that will actually be true, because every time my answer to such questions falls out for some months, haha. Ι think in a year from now, the album will have been released.

7. How would you describe your style choice and why go with it?

I’d describe our music style as Blackened Death Metal. With other terms, aggressive and furious riffs with really fast-tempo compositions and a mix of low-growl, high-scream vocals. We listened to these music genres since we were kids, so you can assume that there are some strong bonds here which are difficult to break, and we’re very happy of this, haha. 

8. What about the band's namesake, how did the name come into the picture and does it have a meaning to it?

We wanted a one-word name this time, but also, we wanted this name to be unique in the metal scene, something difficult nowadays. We did some research and we find that the word “Serement” means “Oath” or even “Pledge” in an older French dialect.  Also, we find interesting the fact that if you change the first letter to “C” then the word means “burial shroud” and then we were like “Wow, that’s the name for our band!”.

9. Where can we listen to your band and where can we buy your stuff?

The coolest way to listen to Serement is by their cassette, haha. Also, by Spotify, YouTube, Apple Store and all these streaming platforms! You can find us here, as well: 

10. What plans do you have for the near future as a band?

Our future plans are many rehearsals for a kickass result of our upcoming album, some gigs here in Greece and why not to some European countries. Thanks for the interview, take care!

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