Paw Patrol LIVE Sets Sails into LA with a Pirate Day Adventure!

Paw Patrol LIVE began as a live stage show back in 2016 with it's first stage production entitled "Paw Patrol LIVE!: Race to the Rescue". Touring across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, this would lead to the stage show to receive another live presentation with the show titled "Paw Patrol LIVE!: The Great Pirate Adventure". This version of the show launching in 2017, touring across the U.S. with an Australian version launching in 2022. Now that it's 2023, one of the live shows would continue onward with its touring cycle, whilst the prior would receive an "online at home" treatment due to the ongoing pandemic in 2020. But not only is "Paw Patrol LIVE!: The Great Pirate Adventure" still touring, but another live stage show "Paw Patrol LIVE!: Heroes Unite" has been touring for 2023 and will move forward for many more years most likely!

But tonight out in Long Beach, California a city outside of Los Angeles County would hold "Paw Patrol LIVE!: The Great Pirate Adventure", at the Terrance Theater for one weekend only! Just not far from the port of Long Beach where the Queen Mary stood atop the watery waves, the venue would showcase several shows across that Saturday and Sunday. Having chosen a Sunday to attend the afternoon show at 2PM, the venue was slowly getting swarmed with families, adults, and the like, heading into the theater at showtime.

Arrive sometime beforehand, I arrived checked in, then went inside to purchased a couple of items from the merchandise table. After acquiring my goods, upstairs to the balcony section I went, finding my seats, sitting near the back row, on the right side, the view point was fantastic! A little after 2PM the show would take place, and all of your favorite characters like Cap'n Turbot, Mayor Goodway, Ryder and the pups would go on an adventure, finding the buried treasure just in time to celebrate Pirate Day!

The show would run for 85 minutes with a 15-minute intermission, with a catchy soundtrack, fun choreography, and stunning lightning and special effects, that kept all there excited and very entertained. From start to finish though, the show itself was just a lot of fun overall. Music for one, was not just catchy but had good beats to it, fun lyrics, and kept everyone in the audience bouncy and thrilled. Whilst the dancing and crowd interaction was received well with everyone enjoying every minute of it. The Paw Patrol pup team was flawless, using life size puppets, with other smaller puppets used for other creatures, just kept it all in check and just fun through and through.

Lighting and special effects were done rather nicely as well. Being loud yet thrilling at times, the characters playing off the effects and one another during the performance. While there was a brief intermission, it didn't keep the audience too disappointed but able to relax a bit, while the show stood still, then returned from break to finish it all off!

All in all, it was Paw Patrol brought to full on real life for the most part! But it was done well, and made everyone there pleased yet excited, wanting probably more than what was offered. Surely one of the many live stage shows to see if not at least once but again and again!

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