Death Is Brought Back to LA with the Death To All Tribute Tour for Chuck Schuldiner!

Death was an American death metal band that was formed in the early 80's. Having been active since 84 up until 2001, when their main man guitarist/vocalist Chuck Schuldiner, passed away of glioma and pneumonia. But while he may be gone now, the remains have been an enduring influence on the heavy metal scene as a whole.

And with that, "Death To All" was created, a tribute to Chuck, with the remaining members of the original Death band. Death to All’s current lineup is drummer Gene Hoglan (Death, Testament, Dethklok), bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Testament, Control Denied) and guitarist Bobby Koelble (Death). Live Cynic guitarist and vocalist Max Phelps will handle second guitar and vocals. The poster shows that it is a 30th anniversary commemoration of "Individual Thought Patterns", the band's fifth album released back in 93.

Thus, this poster would indeed be an actual tour taking place in the spring time, running from March to April, with support coming from Suffocation and Nukem! With this tour barely getting it's start in March, it's Los Angeles stop would happen March 8th 2023, out in Downtown LA at The Belasco. One of the very few theater venues still standing around, showcasing numerous events over the years. This one being one, that would have doors open at 6PM with the opener's of the evening being thrash metal act Nukem!

Nukem kicked off the night right on time at 7PM, playing for a good 40 minutes, having the audience be pleased yet entertained, that even the mosh pit opened up briefly. It may have been brief but still a good performance overall. The music was thrash metal at it's finest, being fast, heavy, and enjoyable really. Each of band's songs was catchy and very upbeat, never skipping a beat but keeping the music upfront yet intense, being fun through and through.


Next up was co-headliner's Suffocation but due to technical difficulties they would be setting up their set-up for a good 50 minutes! When most in-between bands set changes would be anywhere from 15-20 minutes perhaps 30 at the max. But Suffocation have some faults in their arrangement, causing the crowd to be disappointed and rather rowdy too. Some calling out that they would hurry up or get off the stage and not even play. But after straightening things out and being called out minor, the band gathered together to play after all. Playing for the next 30 minutes straight, never skipping a beat of any of their songs played. The crowd was then well entertained and kept the mosh pit well advised yet fun. All in it, kept the energy flowing throughout the entirety of their set. Lots of cheers and excitement came from the audience, with all there being more thrilled that they had managed to play after all. Making note at the end that they would be back for more, on the next round of a touring cycle.


Lastly would be death metal legends Death. Or Death To All the tribute to Chuck, performing for a good hour and a half, with about close to 20 songs in total! A lot being from their assortment of albums, including "Individual Thought Patterns". Some of the tracks played live included such as "Bite the Pain", "Trapped in a Corner", "Suicide Machine", "Symbolic", "Zombie Ritual", and "Pull the Plug", among many others in their extensive list. The audience and its mosh pit was truly never ending. Lots more cheers and shouts occurred with lots of happiness throughout. Quite a few people in the crowd were thrown into the air, crowd surfing to the front, if not atop one's shoulders running about, with others falling face first or onto their back sides down in the pit. All there were just having so much fun, enthralled to hear the classic Death tracks that were so historic yet legendary at that.


All in all though, Death To All was a tribute success that would continue to trek onward, bringing much more smiles and shouts, that will live on with the spirit that is late, legendary Death frontman Chuck Schuldiner. 


1. Overactive Imagination

2. The Philosopher

3. Bite the Pain

4. Spiritual Healing

5. Zero Tolerance

6. Evil Dead

7. Leprosy

8. Trapped in a Corner

9. Jealousy

10. Symbolic

11. Secret Face

12. Living Monstrosity

13. Lack of Comprehension

14. Suicide Machine

15. Voice of the Soul (Played from Tape)


16. Flattening of Emotions

17. Zombie Ritual

18. Spirit Crusher

19. Crystal Mountain

20. Pull the Plug

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