WEAK13 Releases New Single "Black Country Rampage (Welcome To The Black Country)"

British 3-man low-tuned grunge punk metal terror from Birmingham & the Black Country. Debut album 'They Live' and future releases available from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer. WEAK13 is any genre or style it wants to be using metal overtones.

Award winning British metal punk rock terror band WEAK13 welcomes all to The Black Country with their new single. Hip Hop and Metal collide in Black Country style with the launch of the latest WEAK13 single featuring veteran Rapper Fonzi Neutron. The collaboration song 'Black Country Rampage (Welcome To The Black Country)' heavily embraces The Black Country with its strong use of regional language and dialect.

WEAK13 bassist Wesley Smith stated “The Black Country accent can easily be fused with rap and metal; few bands attempt this kind of thing and we’re happy to fly the Black Country flag”. The single comes out December 13th 2022 and was recorded in Stourbridge UK at Base Studios by producer Simon Henley and includes a special guest appearance from British rapper Fonzi Neutron who has worked with WEAK13 before. Fonzi explained “It’s the second time I’ve jammed with these guys; when it comes to music they’re always top of the game”.

A music video accompanies the ‘Black Country Rampage’ tune and introduces the character known as Black Country Man; arguably the first ever Black Country superhero. WEAK13 singer & guitarist Nick J Townsend added “We're from the home of heavy metal and we have a lot more to show you”.

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